Nurse Aide Reactivation / State Exams

Nurse Aide State Written and Skills Exams are designed to validate that an individual understands and can safely and accurately perform the skills required to function as a nurse aide. The Clarkson College Nurse Aide Competency Exam Program is approved by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services and meets all requirements set forth by the State of Nebraska.

New: Nurse Aide students who have recently completed a Nebraska DHHS-approved Nurse Aide (CNA) Course are eligible to register for these state exams. A copy of the certificate of completion must be provided to Clarkson College Professional Development by the instructor.

Lapsed/Inactive/Expired: Anyone previously registered on the Nebraska Nurse Aide Registry is eligible to register for these state exams to reactivate their status.  Status may be reviewed on the Nebraska DHHS License Search. Any questions about status or eligibility for state exams should be directed to the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services at 402.471.4969 or  

Examination Requirements

Written (or Oral): One hour is scheduled for a 50 question, multiple choice written exam. 70% is passing. The tester is informed of their score at the conclusion of the exam. Proctors are not permitted to review test questions or answers with testers.

An oral exam is the written exam read aloud to the tester by the proctor. An oral exam is available by individual appointment only. Contact Professional Development at to schedule.

Skills: One hour is scheduled for the skills exam. The tester is required to demonstrate 6 nurse aide skills. The tester is given 5 minutes to review the skills. Tester must complete all six skills within the one-hour time frame. All equipment is provided. Each skill has critical steps. If a critical step is missed/not completed, the tester fails that skill immediately. A score of 70% on each skill is required to pass. Failing one skill fails the entire exam. Testers are informed of their score at the conclusion of the exam. Proctors are not permitted to discuss skills or answer questions related to skills before, during, or after the exam.

Please note: Skill steps may have changed or been added since the last time a tester performed nurse aide tasks. It is the tester’s responsibility to study, practice and understand the skill steps as they are currently required. A Nurse Aide Skills Review Guide link is provided in the skills exam registration email.

Upon completion of the exam(s), the information is provided to the Nebraska Nurse Aide Registry.

Study Materials

A Nurse Aide Skills Review Guide link is provided in the skills exam registration email or one may be picked up from Clarkson College Professional Development after registering for the skills exam.

For an additional fee, Clarkson College offers an optional Nurse Aide Online Review with practice written exams and skill videos to help the tester better prepare for the Nurse Aide State Exams.


Payable by cash, money order or credit card (VISA, MC, Discover) at time of registration.

Both exams may be completed on the same day or 2 separate days.

Daytime, evening, and Saturday appointments are available. 


All exam appointments are held at Clarkson College, located on 42nd and Dodge Streets in Omaha, Neb.

Cancellation Policy & Refund Information

Registration fee is non-refundable. Refunds are not provided if a tester cancels, is late for check in, does not show, is not eligible to test (does not have proper ID), or fails the exam.


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